Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya

Home page : https://sites.google.com/site/soumyabhattacharya/

Area of research : Number Theory, Modular Forms

Dr. Sudipta Das

email: jusudipta -at- gmail.com

Area of research : Reliability, Stochastic Processes, Data Analytics Real Time Systems

Swami Dhyanagamyananda

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~swat

Area of research : Graph Theory, Graph Coloring

Swami Sarvottamananda

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~shreesh

Area of research : Computational Geometry, Center-points, Intersection Radii

Brahmachari Sourav

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~sourav

Area of research : Computational Geometry